Online Cricket Game

Online Cricket - A four or a six are never far away when you can play cricket online for free!


Though the winter months can be unkind to cricket fans and even the summer months a little harsh with sporadic and unpredictable weather, you can always count on unbroken sunshine or at very least playable conditions from Online Cricket. Perhaps this is because there's no actual weather on the internet, but mainly because it's a simple cricket game where you can pick your team, flip a coin, choose to bat or bowl, and get stuck right in to some cricket action whether the actual Ashes are a month or a year away. With Online Cricket, you'll never have to wait to witness a smashing six again.

Rain Stops Play? Never

So you've got tickets to the Ashes, but those aren't for at least another six months. Maybe you went and saw a few one-day internationals or even a few matches at your local ground that weren't rained off by the horrendously unpredictable and erratic British weather. So what? Is this how you want your enjoyment of a sport to be shaped, by fearing the slightest change in the weather and praying to a god you may not even believe in that the ominous clouds in the distance don't sidle in the direction of the grounds? This is no way to live, though neither is becoming a fan of a terrible "sport" like football, so what's the middle ground here? Perhaps Online Cricket has a suitable solution: cricket simulation online, whatever the weather. Online Cricket is a fairly basic and therefore instantly playable cricket experience that gives time to both the batting and bowling aspects and promised some instant cricket fun, no matter what the weather forecast.

Wicket, Wicket! Cricket Is Massive

While many cricket games on the internet seem to either be lacking in quality or focused on parodies/sub-genre takes on the sport such as the mobile-based Stick Cricket 2, Online Cricket focuses simply on delivering like-for-like cricket, albeit somewhat condensed to properly fit the flash game format. You begin with choosing your team as well as that of your opponent's (in this case, the CPU); the coin toss is then commenced and depending on the result you either get to choose to bat or bowl or you don't, just like real cricket.

The match play itself obviously depends on whether you're batting or bowling, but each of these two dimensions of the game is represented with a decent interface (though fielding is an aspect which is missing here). If you're bowling then you use the directional arrows to plot the location of the ball's bounce and then press Spacebar to make the bowl happen. Batting is a little more complex and requires different combinations of keys depending on how you wish to strike the ball.

Like Cricket, But More Online

The goal in the game is obviously identical to real cricket, which is to score as many runs as possible if you are batting and concede as few runs/take as many wickets as you can if you are bowling. You even get to choose the length of your session, which can be five, ten, twenty, or even fifty overs if you actually have that much time to spare and wish to really commit to the online cricket cause for a length of time that isn't dissimilar to that spent watching The Ashes.

While the bowling interface doesn't require too much thought (just don't make your ball positions predictable and you're pretty much guaranteed wickets), batting is a little more complex and requires the remembering of specific key combinations in order to make different types of shots depending on the situation. You can perform a late cut by pressing up + left arrows or alternatively W + A, a cover driver by pressing the left arrow or A, straight drive by pressing the downwards arrow or S, and so on. Not to worry if you're baffled at the combinations: all of the controls are explained in the 'help' section that can be accessed from the main menu. Pretty much all of the main kinds of shots are covered by the game, it's just a matter of getting to grips with the button combinations which is true of most sports games of this type anyhow.

Basic But Better Than Many

One may look at the graphics of Online Cricket and scoff at the relative simplicity, but the truth is that the players look fairly realistic and there is even a crowd overlay that at least attempts to look real, even if they just end up looking like a static texture placed over a flat surface, just like the old wrestling games and old-school sporting games. Still, the limitations of flash games must be borne in mind here, and Online Cricket Manages to deliver an experience worthy of your time that is more realistic and true to the actual game of cricket than games like Pixel Cricket or Stick Cricket.